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Hydrafacial in Santa Cruz, CA

As we age, environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution can damage skin health, accelerating signs of aging. Dull, uneven skin tone and texture as well as enlarged pores, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation can make skin appear older and more fatigued. Hydrafacial is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment that can refresh your complexion by deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin for a smoother, brighter, and more youthful glow. We’ll explore what Hydrafacial is, how it works, the benefits it provides, what to expect during treatment, and why Rebecca Small, MD at RSMD Medical Aesthetics is the provider to trust for customized Hydrafacial treatments and outstanding results.

What is a Hydrafacial, and How Does a Hydrafacial Work?

The Hydrafacial is a non-invasive, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment. It utilizes a unique, patented technology to deliver cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, and nourishing serums to the skin through a device with an applicator tip. Hydrafacial simultaneously exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface while infusing the deeper layers with vital nutrients and moisture.

Hydrafacial in Santa Cruz, CA

This addresses skin concerns on multiple levels for complete facial rejuvenation and renewed radiance. This is all made possible with the 3-step Hydrafacial treatment process, which utilizes Vortex technology to deliver multiple benefits in a single treatment:

  1. Cleanse: The first step in a Hydrafacial is the cleansing process. A gentle peel will simultaneously cleanse and exfoliate the skin, uncovering a new layer of skin and preparing the treatment area for additional benefits.
  2. Extract: The next step uses vacuum technology to remove impurities from the pores. This is a gentle, painless process that few other skin rejuvenation treatments accomplish. After this step, the skin is clean and clear, and fully prepared to receive the benefits of the third step.
  3. Hydrate: Finally, the Hydrafacial device applies moisturizers and other nourishing ingredients to the skin. These ingredients can be deeply absorbed and are able to fully saturate the skin thanks to the previous treatment steps, maximizing the hydration benefits.

What are the Hydrafacial Benefits?

Hydrafacials are an effective solution for addressing a wide range of skin concerns, including wrinkles and lines, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, acne, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, and more. It offers gentle, yet comprehensive skin health benefits that few other treatments can provide. Additional Hydrafacial benefits include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-irritating
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Painless treatment experience
  • Customizable treatment

What Areas Can Be Treated with a Hydrafacial?

While the Hydrafacial treatment is most often performed for facial rejuvenation, it can be effective for enhancing skin health in various areas of the body. Other common treatment areas include:

  • Neck and Décolleté
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Back

Frequently asked questions

Are Hydrafacial Treatments Customizable?

At RSMD, we customize each Hydrafacial treatment to your individual cosmetic concerns. One way to do this is by combining Hydrafacial treatments with other aesthetic treatments. For example, we often recommend combining laser treatments with Hydrafacial, as they complement each other and enhance your overall results. However, the easiest way to customize a Hydrafacial treatment is with the addition of boosters. Hydrafacial boosters are potent formulas delivered to the skin during the hydration phase to target and treat specific concerns. With the Hydrafacial device, we can infuse these boosters deep into the skin for maximum efficacy. Hydrafacial boosters and their benefits include:

  • Hydrafacial Restore™: Supports skin hydration and reduces lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrafacial Brighten™: Brightens the skin to balance skin tone and diminish dark spots.
  • Hydrafacial Firm™: Enhances skin elasticity to reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrafacial Peel: Chemical peels of varying strengths that exfoliate and resurface the skin.

Hydrafacial vs. Microdermabrasion vs. Diamond Glow

When considering effective facial rejuvenation treatments like microdermabrasion and Hydrafacial stands out as a uniquely comprehensive option. While the other procedures excel primarily at physical exfoliation to reveal fresh new skin, Hydrafacial takes skin renewal further by infusing skin-nourishing and hydrating serums. Before pursuing any of these treatments, you may want to consider how the unique Hydrafacial treatment compares to other treatment options.

Hydrafacial vs. Microdermabrasion

Hydrafacial and microdermabrasion take different approaches to resurfacing the skin, but both can improve texture and radiance without downtime. Microdermabrasion uses a crystal spray to remove dead skin cells causing mild abrasion, while Hydrafacial uses a patented applicator with suction to exfoliate while infusing serums like antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Microdermabrasion is effective at exfoliating the skin, but Hydrafacial offers additional benefits through cleansing, extracting, and infusing hydrating serums into the skin during treatment. As a result, Hydrafacial is generally the preferred treatment for patients seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Is a Hydrafacial Right for Me?

If you are seeking a no-downtime facial treatment that restores hydration, refreshes the skin, and can reduce lines and wrinkles, you may be a good candidate for a Hydrafacial. At RSMD Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Small will evaluate your facial anatomy during a consultation, assessing your skin health and overall treatment goals. With her expertise, she can help you evaluate whether the Hydrafacial is a good treatment option for you. If the Hydrafacial is a good fit, Dr. Small will develop a customized treatment plan to produce your desired goals.

What is a Hydrafacial Treatment Like?

The Hydrafacial offers a refreshing facial experience that takes 30-60 minutes to perform. It starts off much like any other professional facial does, with a deep cleansing of your pores. However, the Hydrafacial device offers deeper cleansing than a facial performed with a topical application. Once the skin is cleansed, it will be exfoliated with a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids. This may cause a brief tingling sensation in the skin. Then, the Hydrafacial vacuum technology will extract blackheads and other impurities from within the pores, boosting circulation and removing waste. Finally, the skin will be infused with a customized serum that includes a mix of hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, peptides and collagen. You’ll feel and see the benefits of your Hydrafacial immediately.

How Long is the Hydrafacial Downtime?

The Hydrafacial does not irritate the skin and rarely causes side effects. This means there is no downtime, as the skin does not get damaged during the Hydrafacial treatment. You can immediately return to work, exercise, and social activities without limitations. In fact, you can feel confident doing so with results visible immediately after your treatment.

How Long Does a Hydrafacial Last?

Your Hydrafacial results will be visible immediately, revealing a brighter glow, more even complexion, and increase in skin hydration. These results typically last about 5 to 7 days after your treatment. You can extend the duration of your results with a series of monthly Hydrafacials or similar routine treatment intervals. In fact, for patients seeking a solution to lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and other skin concerns, we may recommend a long-term treatment plan for best results.

How Much Does a Hydrafacial Cost?

At RSMD, the cost of a Hydrafacial treatment may vary depending on the treatment area, the number of treatment sessions needed for optimal results, and other variables. We will develop a customized treatment plan based on your cosmetic goals. At this point, we establish the procedure costs so you have pricing information before you begin your treatment.

Why Choose RSMD for Your Hydrafacial?

Dr. Rebecca Small is an industry leader in facial aesthetics and she and her team have extensive experience customizing Hydrafacial treatments to help patients reveal refreshed, glowing skin. RSMD’s team’s technical skills with skin resurfacing means we can develop a tailored Hydrafacial regimen to target your unique skin concerns and goals for rejuvenation. From your initial consultation through maintaining your optimal results long-term, Dr. Small oversees every part of your Hydrafacial experience at RSMD to ensure your satisfaction.

We invite you to schedule a Hydrafacial and take the first step towards the youthful appearance you desire. Call today and discover why patients trust RSMD for their cosmetic goals.