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Concerns by Age in Santa Cruz, CA


We are coming into our own in the world and start to notice some changes in our skin- from freckles to fine lines, we see the inevitableness of genetics. Faint crow’s feet and tiny wrinkles emerge in the same places as our parents. Many of us are still struggling with acne and skin imperfections. It is never too early to start your journey of preventative care. Our medical aesthetics team is ready to teach you a regiment that is right for you.

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At this point in life, most of us are reprioritizing our skin and focused on keeping our skin youthful and fresh. Starting a regimen now can have lifelong benefits. It’s time to develop a custom skincare plan to enhance your natural features.

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Life is changing and so is our skin-we may not have as much moisture, lines may be getting deeper, and we are seeking out more advanced treatments.

  • We are looking for someone to guide us in our treatments and keep us fresh. Or treatment in keeping us fresh.
  • Our medical aesthetics team is ready to guide you to the treatments that will keep your face and skin feeling fresh.
  • Our medical aesthetics team is ready to embark on this journey with you.

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So many great experiences have left us with laugh lines and deeper creases. Our medical aesthetics team can curate an individualized plan so you can keep the moments and lessen the lines. We are focused on helping you feel your best for many years to come.

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